Remember the lime tree, the one I worry about every year, that drops its leaves like I hired it for a bachelor party? It grew a ton of leaves over the summer and then dropped a whole lot of them once the cold hit. Weird. It’s almost like trees are cyclic or something. I’ll never get used to it, and I’ll never stop worrying–and four years is about the longest I’ve ever kept citrus alive up here, so its time must be short. Recently I’ve found that misting seems to help stave off leaf loss. Keeps its chlorophyll veins unclogged, or something. Look, I don’t know, I’m a meat-based organism. This plant stuff is a mystery.

Ancient begonia keeps on ancient begonianing.

The strawberry plant died and then, after I had moved its dirt to another pot, miraculously resurrected itself. Still no actual berries. The ivy lives. I got a hardy mum, which is looking spindly but hanging in there. I grew mint and then killed it with neglect. I cannot keep mint around to save my life.

The most dramatic event in Days of Our Houseplants has been the honeysuckle I cut from my previous place, rooted, and grew three successful vines of. It’s got these incredible dark-blue flowers. Right now it’s dropping its leaves, and all the flowers have become white berries which are nurturing seeds. I don’t know whether it’ll come back to life in the spring, but the seeds are very exciting.

OH! And for Christmas I picked up a tiny, adorable live pine tree, which is wonderful and cute and also starting to grow white mold. I will do my best to save its life. But no promises.