I’ve been drinking a lot of filtered water, so my hermit crab has too; whenever I notice his tray’s looking a little dry I lean over and boop, he’s having what I’m having. This one never did get a name. Neither did the little one that recently died. Neither (this is getting depressing) did the third one that lasted about five days out of the pet store. So anyway, I’m down to one, a huge red thing that likes to huddle in the corner and has never once complained about living on corn meal and water. I should get him a new companion for spring.

My lime tree is sprouting, and also going nuts with little flower buds, and I’m not going to complain. I’ve discovered that leaf fall tends to happen when the soil is either too dry or too moist–which makes some sense, but most of my other plants are okay with one extreme or the other, so keeping this one in the middle has been kind of tough. I also repotted my two new plants: my Christmas tree, and a 4″ coffee plant. Lovely.

Everything else is in the same kind of suspended animation it’s been in all winter.

I’ve also got aphids. Uncool. According to my father, I can spray them with soapy water, let it sit until they suffocate, and then wipe them off. I’m going to try that this weekend. It was between that and trying to capture wild ladybugs to come eat them, and I don’t know what I would use for bait.