Thanks to the ninety-degree weekend, my broccoli has “bolted”–not in the Night-of-the-Triffids wild-escape sense, sadly, but in the sense that all its florets are turning into actual flowers. In short: the time to eat is NOW. I’ll cut the center heads tonight (and roast them, according to the ways of the Internet), and hope some of the side shoots last a little longer.

Other garden status: Big Tomato is big, sickly basil is sickly, the kale, pepper, and (I think?) cherry tomato seedlings have been transplanted, the rosemary and oregano are thriving, the sweet peas are hanging on, the cucumber and eggplant are too new to tell, and THE APHIDS ARE BACK ON MY LIME TREE, GAH. Why you gotta be that way, aphids? I LOVE that lime tree.

I’m actually really proud of how much produce I’ve packed onto my balcony. I hope I get to eat some of it.

Last night I met my mother for dinner, which was as pleasant as it is rare. We had about two hours together in a restaurant in a town neither of us live in before we both headed back home. My parents retired this week and instantly reverted to teenagers: sleeping in, going places, taking their sweet time. It’s not what I’m used to. It’s pretty adorable.

Weekend plans: Yard sales, movies, more fussing with the seedlings. You know, high adventure.