Go away for a week, and a thousand dormant projects get moving while you’re gone. Too much to tweet, so here you go.

– Triangulation: Morning After debuted at Confluence last weekend, and is now available on Amazon in paperback. Kindle version should be forthcoming. This might be my favorite story I’ve written this year.

– The table of contents was announced for World Weaver Press’s ghost-story collection, Specter Spectacular. Somewhere in there will be a reprint of My Rest a Stone, if you’d like a preview of the editor’s tastes.

– The table of contents for The Beast Within 3: Oceans Unleashed by Graveside Press, ed. Jennifer Brozek, is up: http://jennifer-brozek.livejournal.com/172035.html Some wonderful names on that list, and I’m weirdly proud to have the longest title.

FISH has been successfully funded through Kickstarter, but you can still pre-order it through that mechanism for the next three weeks if you want a signed copy or cover-art swag. megengelhardt is in this! *sister fistbump*

All three of those last three stories are ocean-related. It’s a thing. And I got a poetry sale (not ocean-related) to a market I’ve been wanting to crack, but I’m waiting on the contract to announce it.

Vacation is so disconcerting. It’s like a pocket universe: you can work like a dog the whole time and still have nothing to show when you get back. Well, adorable footage of your father teaching your baby nephew to quack like a duck. But not much else.