Alliteration Ink is having a Kickstarter! What Fates Impose is an anthology about fortune-telling (be it real, fake, or tragically misinterpreted), containing LOTS of excellent writers, and also me*, for some reason. I’m super excited about this, because for the first time in my life, and after having backed some thirty-odd other projects**, I get to provide backer rewards for one of the levels.

This is my crazy-looking urn thing that I bought at a yard sale for like a dollar.

6-13-13 179

This is my crazy-looking urn thing, filled with pretty much every fortune-cookie fortune I ever got.

6-13-13 180

At the $5 pledge level, I draw a fortune from my crazy-looking urn thing and I take a photograph and I tweet you the photograph. This fortune is now YOUR fortune. I can’t promise it won’t be just a platitude (SO DISAPPOINTING***) or that there won’t be any stains from years-old General Tso’s. I also can’t say where, or in the presence of what, the fortune will be photographed. It’s a strange world. Anything could happen.

6-13-13 181

I DEFINITELY can’t predict whether or not it will come true in a horrifying way, so if it does, please let me know! We are all about customer service here at Chez Davis.

This is meant to be a tight-budget, support-it-but-don’t-need-to-read-it pledge level, but if you want the book as well, you can boost your pledge and add on a book, in electronic or print-and-electronic formats. Details in the FAQ. I’ll be sending these in the month before the book release date. If you don’t have Twitter but desperately want a photographed fortune out of a crazy-looking urn thing, we’ll work out a way to email you. No duplicates, guaranteed. Second chances to reverse a terrible fortune not included.

You can find out more or become a backer, right here.

*My story is called The Scry Mirror. It begins: The day Tom Bright got wed, I ran home and got a poker from the hearth and smashed the scry mirror until it was a thunderstorm of glass all falling at my feet. Then I ran out back to the fish pond and sat there on a log wishing I was dead.

**Last night I made dinner using hot sauce sent to me by a stranger from the Internet. That’s cool, right?

***Suggested appendages for improving your fortune:
“…in bed.”
“…or else.”
“…with an axe.”
“…but at what cost?”