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Miniature 1/12th scale book by The Shopping SherpaShould you like it or leave it? Amanda C. Davis, whose flash fiction “My Rest a Stone” opens the anthology Specter Spectacular: 13 Ghostly Tales, and who recently co-authored the collection Wolves and Witches, gives short story writers some tough love:

A couple of weeks ago, my local writers’ group issued a flash fiction prompt, and I completely bombed it. I made four wildly different attempts. All were terrible. This isn’t unusual; I write a lot of flash fiction, especially prompted or to theme, and I end up retiring most of it right away. This time, when I griped on Twitter about discarding all those bad stories, someone ended up asking: Well, how do you know if your story is a dud?

Good question!

I don’t explicitly use a rubric to decide whether to put a story into circulation or throw it into a locked drawer, but I…

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