2013 was a very different year in writing-and-publishing for me than the previous four.

I sold much less than usual–four stories, two poems, and a piece of flash that’s still kind of Schrodinger–but all four stories went to pro markets. I wrote a lot fewer short stories and poems–thirteen, not all polished yet–but my yearly word count nudged 200,000, twice my usual yearly rate, thanks to compulsive novel-drafting (two and a half new books first-drafted in 2013). And that doesn’t count any rewrites.

I also wrote eight guest blog posts (discovery: I do not like writing them!) and several personal blog posts (not a big fan of those either) and a fan game and all of my NaNo region‘s pep talk/reminders and a couple lines that were pretty funny on Twitter.

And of course this is the year the book came out.

Like I said, weird. Despite all the cool stuff that happened, by all my usual metrics, 2013 was a huge failure. I wrote far less submittable material, therefore I submitted far less, therefore I sold far less. If I have any goal for next year, it’s to get back on the submissions wagon. Write One Sub One is too much for me, but I liked #tenbythen, which required ten submissions, of anything, per month. That would bring me back in line. In the meantime, I’ve got QUITE a lot of novel editing to do. I hope I get slightly faster at it next year.

Stuff that came out in 2013:

Remembrance in Stone – Daily Science Fiction, 12/5/13

A Fixer-Upper (reprint) – Niteblade, 12/1/13

The Scry Mirror – What Fates Impose, 9/23/13

Things I Wish I’d Known Before Drinking the Faerie Wine – Penumbra, 9/1/13

Missed Connections > Pocket Universe – Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #57, 4/30/13

Sparks Between Our Teeth (reprint) – Bull Spec #8, 4/23/13

Song of Snow – Enchanted Conversation, 4/1/13

Wolves & Witches – World Weaver Press, 2/19/13

O How the Wet Folk Sing – FISH, 1/27/13

Rejections: 42
Sales: 6, possibly 7
Still on submission: 22 (mostly reprints)
Wrote: 198,000 words (incl. 2.5 books, 6 stories, 6 flash, 1 poem)