What if you had to pick out a shelf’s worth of your absolute favorite books? For me, it was a purposeful and methodical process. And also a ton of fun.

World Weaver Press

Ever want to peek into an author’s work room — or better yet — her library? We’ve gotten our authors to share what’s on their shelves! Today, Amanda C. Davis, gives us the tour:

fullsideLate last year I did some furniture-rearranging and got an unexpected gift in the form of space beside my desk, enough to fit a bookshelf. I think I spent longer on collating that shelf than I did outfitting my entire kitchen. I wanted to assemble it as carefully as the stickers on a Trapper Keeper, or pins on a messenger bag, or travel decals on an old-timey suitcase. Make it something deliberate and rich and personal. All my other bookshelves (and very heavy boxes!) are indiscriminately crammed with whatever I happened to not be reading the day I packed to move. This one, I wanted to be special.

First: books by people I know. Folks I’ve…

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