There was a stone in Paul’s mailbox instead of a newspaper.

In Good Neighbors, my story for Not Our Kind, a town is flooded with new residents of the faerie persuasion, all of them beautiful, capricious, and wildly powerful. They have magic, but we have a complex and fascinating human society. They like us. They want to be us. Unfortunately, sometimes we already are us, and then the position, shall we say, must be vacated.

My favorite Twilight Zone episode is “It’s a Good Life,” and it’s possible that fed the swirl in the back of my head while Good Neighbors was coming together. I love how that episode skips the usual twist in favor of a growing, overbearing dread. “It’s a Good Life” depicts a town under a tyrant, but Good Neighbors takes place under a whole class of tyrants. One monster might be defeated. If a thousand monsters suddenly and delightedly move in next door, you have to learn to live with them.

Not Our Kind is Kickstarting right now, with preorders for electronic and print copies along with the backlist of Alliteration Ink (pick up What Fates Impose for another great set of stories containing me, also edited by Nayad Monroe), and a table of contents featuring some of the most exciting short fiction writers working in speculative fiction these days. Check this action out:

Wes Alexander, Alex Bledsoe, Maurice Broaddus, Jennifer Brozek, Amanda C. Davis, Sarah Hans, Janet Harriett, Tyler Hayes, Michael Haynes, Erika Holt, Gary Kloster, Marissa Lingen, Remy Nakamura, Andrew Romine, Ekaterina Sedia, Lucy A. Snyder, Reinhardt Suarez, Juliette Wade, Tim Waggoner, Damien Angelica Walters

Right? The best part of anthologies is the contributor’s copies, and I am beyond excited to read this one. If you want in on this, you can help make it happen here. There are also some fun backer levels. I understand there are brownies.

Good Neighbors is one of my favorite things I’ve written this year. Can’t wait to share it.

Not Our Kind: Tales of (Not) Belonging