Amanda C. Davis writes dark fantasy, light horror, and the very softest science fiction. Her short fiction and poetry has appeared in dozens of magazines and anthologies, including Cemetery Dance and InterGalactic Medicine Show; been adapted for audio, including in Parsec-winning podcasts Pseudopod and The Drabblecast; been reprinted extensively, including in translation (Ténèbres 2015) and in Year’s Best Weird Fiction, vol. 2; and was collected in 2013 along with her sister Megan Engelhardt‘s work in Wolves and Witches: A Fairy Tale Collection from World Weaver Press. She has an engineering degree and an obsession with baking the perfect macaron. She tweets enthusiastically as @davisac1.

She is currently seeking representation for her YA fantasy novels. Contact information here.

You can sample her work for free or browse her profile at


Who I Am Not

  • Amanda Davis, late author of Circling the Drain and Wonder When You’ll Miss Me
  • Amanda Davis, cast member of Football Wives and wife of Dallas Cowboys guard Leonard Davis
  • Amanda Davis, Emmy-winning former Fox 5 news anchor in Atlanta, GA
  • Amanda C. Davis, journalist for
  • Dr. Amanda C. Davis, MD, internist specializing in internal medicine in Indianapolis, IN
  • Any Amanda Davis with a MySpace page
  • Any Amanda Davis on Twitter–except this one.

One Response to “About Me”

  1. JT Says:

    ha ha ha, like “Who I am Not”. enjoyed your story, “Winter Princess”,



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