The thing about blogging is that I get paralyzed when I have a lot to say, and so far 2012 has been one of the most densely-packed years I can remember, so my instinct is to avoid the trouble of describing everything and tweet about lunch instead. I took a week’s vacation with my whole family, I drove many, many hours, I read some books, I watched some shows, I got a new nephew, I joined SFWA. I could blog forever about any of those. Twice! Instead I’m just gonna mention them so they get said at all.

The new nephew is pretty much ideal, as babies go. He checks all the boxes. Healthy? Cute? Occasionally looks at you? DONE and DONE. He comes home…oh gosh, today already, I guess. Tomorrow, high-school graduation. Children bork up the normal flow of time.

I get to see him again in a week or so, and I’m sure I will have still more things to blog about then. Maybe they won’t come on top of one another for the rest of the year.